Consultancy Position: Research Consultant

Research Consultant


Crustacean Compassion is an animal welfare organisation which campaigns for the humane treatment of decapod crustaceans such as lobsters and crabs, based on scientific evidence of their sentience.  One of our key campaign aims is to ensure that all decapod crustaceans sold in the UK are electrically stunned before slaughter. We recognise that the shellfish industry can have a valuable role to play in driving welfare improvements across the sector and therefore are looking to build our commercial knowledge base. We are looking for a research consultant to help us identify opportunities, in collaboration with food businesses, to improve decapod crustacean welfare within industry practice. We also want to be able to understand the financial impact of welfare improvements, such as a change in slaughter practices.


The consultant will have the expertise and industry access to be able to conduct market research into the UK market in lobster and crab; to help us map the supply chain; and to assess the business impact of introducing humane slaughter practices. They will be asked to produce a written report.


More information is available in this research brief.


Person specification:


  • Expertise in commercial food business, particularly in animal products, and preferably in aquatic animal produce

  • Ability to gain access to specialist market data from relevant shellfish organisations and agencies

  • A proven track record in analysing published data and statistics

  • Experience in compiling clear reports, accessible to a non-specialist audience

  • Good numerical, analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Methodical and well-organised, with the ability to complete projects to time and on budget

  • An interest in animal welfare is preferable



Salary: Quotes are invited. There is a maximum budget of £3,500.


Closing date:  10th May 2020


The final report must be submitted by 3rd July 2020